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Don Campbell is the heart of San Gabriel Valley Poetry.  He is an amazing teacher of both youth and adults, aspiring as well as published poets.  He is a guest teacher in classes throughout the Los Angeles area, host of Monday Night Poetry and Emerging Urban Poets in Pasadena as well as poetry workshops in his home town of Alhambra, and he is the publisher of the San Gabriel Valley Quarterly.

Here are a few of his announcements of upcoming events:
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Subject: Deadline approaching: sensitivePOETRY contest 8/31Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 05:32:41 -0700From: Don Campbell <sensitive@earthlink.net>To: Don Campbell <sensitive@earthlink.net>
Hello again Poets,

The sensitivePOETRY website is back…with a chance for you to publish a
poem and win $100…every month!  Click on this link for all the details:

Your comrade in lines,
Don Kingfisher Campbell


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Subject: Come a half hour early to MONDAY NIGHT POETRY in PASADENA…Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006 08:40:42 -0700From: Don Campbell <sensitive@earthlink.net>To: Don Campbell <sensitive@earthlink.net>
…and see an episode of BOZANA BELOKOSA’S_Pasadena Cable TV program “SPENDING A LITTLE_TIME WITH POETRY” featuring CALOKIE, ALBERT_KUNG, and MARVIN DORSEY on a big 6′ screen!!_(We’ll show another one after the reading that features_JUDITH TERZI and DON KINGFISHER CAMPBELL!)
MONDAY NIGHT POETRY_http://home.earthlink.net/~mondaynightpoetry
Featured & Open Readings_every 2nd & 4th Monday night of the month_from 8:00 to 9:30pm
inside the back room of the_SANTA CATALINA BRANCH OF_THE PASADENA PUBLIC LIBRARY_on 999 E. Washington Blvd. in Pasadena
(Two blocks east of Lake Ave._on the north side of Washington Blvd._Park and enter to the rear of the library)
Hosted by the Fabtastic Four!_CaLokie (The Thang)_Don Kingfisher Campbell (Mr. Funtastic)_Marvin Dorsey (The Humane Torch)_and Mary Torregrossa (The Invincible Woman)
Here’s the schedule of our upcoming featured poets:
September 25th – LEAH BROWN, CALOKIE, and LINDY HILL
October 23rd – SAN GABRIEL VALLEY POETRY QUARTERLY #32_(Fall 2006, The Rhyming Issue, submit up to 3 rhyming poems by_September 25th to: palabraproductions@earthlink.net)
November 13th – LYNNE KNIGHT
November 27th – POETRY PEOPLE (Directory of Southern California_Poets) PUBLISHING PARTY
December 11th – GERI DIGIORNO
Open Readers: Be sure to sign-up for the Monday_Night Poetry Open Reading by 8pm. Each Open_Reader may read for up to 5 minutes.
LOOKIN’ FOR A BOOKIN’? Don is currently_booking featured poets for early 2007. Contact_him via email message with bio and poetic sample_(no attachments please) sent to_mondaynightpoetry@earthlink.net
Also check out:
WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON CRITIQUE_workshop inside the Zephyr Cafe on 2419 E._Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena between 4 and 5:30pm._bring 10 copies of a poem-in-process for fair and_friendly criticism. Moderated by Don Kingfisher_Campbell and Mary Torregrossa. FREE. Call_(626) 281-3605 for more information.


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Subject: San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly is going perfect!Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 10:06:07 -0700From: Don Campbell <sensitive@earthlink.net>To: <crwropps@aol.com>CC: Don Campbell <sensitive@earthlink.net>
Hello Poets,
The San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly is going perfect-bound for Fall_2006. That’s right, and SGVPQ 32 is also going to be themed The Rhyming_Issue.
So send in up to 3 poems that rhyme (or discuss rhyme) in the body of an_email to: palabraproductions@earthlink.net
Deadline: Monday, September 25th, 2006
Publishing party: Monday, October 23rd, 2006 at 8pm inside the backroom of_the Santa Catalina Branch of the Pasadena Public Library on 999 E._Washington Blvd.
You can now subscribe to SGVPQ by sending $20 (that’s half price for 4_issues) via http://www.paypal.com to sensitive@earthlink.net__You can also help support SGVPQ by entering the sensitivePOETRY contest at:_http://home.earthlink.net/~sensitive/sensitivepoetry
Thank you for your support,_Don Kingfisher Campbell, Editor/Publisher_San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly
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Subject: WHO ARE THE LOOP POETS?Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 07:52:35 -0700From: Don Campbell <sensitive@earthlink.net>To: Don Campbell <sensitive@earthlink.net>   HEY California Poets, we’re the LOOP (Looking Out Of Pasadena) POETS!   YOU ARE INVITED TO OUR PUBLISHING PARTY on Monday, August 28th at 8pm inside the backroom of the Santa Catalina Branch of the Pasadena Public Library on 999 E. Washington Blvd. in (you guessed it) Pasadena.   WE’RE HAPPY TO REPORT our tour is about to begin as well.  Here’s a list of the bookings we’ve received so far:   FRIDAY, AUGUST 25TH, 2006 – Hey, That’s Amore PASADENA SATURDAY, AUGUST 26TH, 2006 – Barnes & Noble ENCINO MONDAY, AUGUST 28TH, 2006 – Santa Catalina Library PASADENA TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5TH, 2006 – The Frethouse COVINA SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 16TH, 2006 – Memory Lane MONROVIA MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13TH, 2006 – Poetry Express BERKELEY SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 18TH, 2006 – The Bliss HOLLYWOOD SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 17TH, 2007 – Beyond Baroque VENICE   WE’RE ALSO LOOKING FOR MORE BOOKINGS to perform our poetry from our new book Looking Out Of Pasadena (release date August 25th by Zora Press).  If you know of a northern or southern California venue that will book us in either late 2006 or early 2007, please let us know.   IF YOU WOULD LIKE A SAMPLING OF OUR POETRY, simply click on this, http://home.earthlink.net/~palabraproductions , and find the name links at the top of the home page.   Thank you for your consideration, LOOP   P.S.  You can also pre-order a copy of our anthology…simply click on http://www.paypal.com , select Send Money, and direct postage-paid payment of $20 to sensitive@earthlink.net … then wait by the ol’ mailbox….

I really enjoyed looking at all of your links and reading the poems in Looking Out Of Pasadena…. _Posted by ecodelluvia on 08/28/2006 08:04:27 PM

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Los Angeles, CA

Saturday August 12, 2006

Demonstrators ©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved

Maria Guardado ©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved

Linda Baughn from the UTLA Human Rights Committee _©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved

Linda Baughn and Getachew Lemma  ©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved

Demonstrators ©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved

Marching demonstrators ©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved

Irina    ©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved

Muna Coobtee ©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved

Call to Prayer ©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved

Prayer ©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved

Guerrilla Theater
(As the old Yippie admonition goes: It’s not a crime to yell “theater!” in a crowded fire!!!)

Street Theater
<>©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved

Street Theater  <>©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved

Street Theater  <>©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved

Street Theater  <>©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved

Street Theater  <>©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved

Street Theater  <>©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved

Street theater  ©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved

My son, Leon    ©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved

<>©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved
Flag of Lebanon

<>Banner: Peace in the Middle East                                                                     ©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved
<><><>Aztec Dancer ©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved

<>Aztec Dancer ©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved
The Band Wagon  ©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved

<>Free Palestine   ©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved
Immigration Attny, Cafe Intifada Advisory Board Member, Human Rights Activist, Ban Al-Wardi, and son_©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved

<>Banner  Money for Education, Not For War and Occupation                        ©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved

<><>Hasta la victoria siempre  FMLN Los Angeles                                                     ©2006 Emma Rosenthal All Rights Reserved

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On August 12, Tens of Thousands are Marching_Gather 1 pm, Olympic & Broadway, Los Angeles_All Out to Stop the War on Lebanon & Palestine!
Saturday, August 12, 1 pm_Gather Olympic & Broadway, Los Angeles_Click here for map and driving directions__For more info call 323-464-1636 or e-mail answerla@answerla.org._
Please donate now!
This is a critical time and we need to raise funds immediately. We are contracting for sound, stage, porta johns, and paying for posters, leaflets, placards.
Click here to donate!
Even at this last moment, organizers around Southern California are forming more car pools, ride shares and vans to come to the mass march in downtown Los Angeles on Aug. 12. We just spoke with a family who is bringing around 75 people to Aug. 12 in LA. That’s just one example. Dozens of calls like this are flooding the office daily. And in Washington, D.C., tens of thousands are coming in buses from around the country to march on the White House.

Invite your friends, family, coworkers and everyone you know to the Aug. 12 protest in Los Angeles. The people of Lebanon must see that the people of the United States are standing with them against the brutal and barbaric assault on their country and their families.

The Israeli government has approved a massive ground invasion. Thousands more are likely to die as Bush and the Israeli government pursue the fantasy that they can conquer the Lebanese people and incorporate their country into their sphere of influence by brute force. At this moment, while the Israelis are poised to send tens of thousands of additional troops into Lebanon, the people of Lebanon are already without water, food, medicine, their homes demolished. Fifty-five percent of the people in hospitals from the strikes so far are children. The courage and strength of the Lebanese people is inspiring people throughout the world.
“Red Alert” Trying to Change the Subject
What would you expect from Bush at the moment that the people of this country have turned so decisively against his policy of endless war in Iraq, and now in Lebanon? What else can the White House do when it knows that mass anti-war protests are going to fill up the streets around the White House and in Los Angeles and other cities this Saturday as the people of the United States show that they are joining the rest of the world in condemning the brutal and barbaric assault against Lebanon and Gaza?
We know the drill. Red Alerts, Orange Alerts, dramatic “we are at war” press conferences, the invoking (again) of Sept. 11, as an act of cynical political manipulation. We are experiencing again the only tactic that the Bush White House and their buddies in the so-called free press believe might, might work at momentarily distracting or paralyzing the people from mass action against their criminal acts. Mr. Bush is trying to change the subject but it won’t work!
On Aug. 12, tens of thousands of people will defy the hype and take to the streets to expose the terrorism Israel inflicts with U.S. bombs and weapons. Bush wants the media to focus on something other than the growing anti-war movement in the United States.
Every mass movement whose time has come, whose ideas are contagion encounters the lies and propaganda of the status quo and the powers that be. And every historically valid movement rises to the occasion, displays its determination and mobilizes the people to struggle for justice.
Aug 12 Logistics(maps, parking and more)__Volunteer    Endorse    Flyer   Donate__The Aug. 12 protest was initiated by National Council of Arab Americans (NCA), Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation, A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, Free Palestine Alliance, Palestinian American Women’s Association. Co-sponsored by Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, Muslim Student Association-West, El-Bireh Palestine Society, Al-Watan, Al-Alam Al-Arabi, Palestine Aid Society, Students for Justice in Palestine-UCLA, Middle Eastern Student Society-CSUF, Al-Bireh Society, Qaqish Family Society, Project Islamic Hope, Arab Student Union-UC Riverside, Union of Palestinian American Women, Alliance for Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines, National Lawyers Guild, Latino Movement USA, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Korean Americans for Peace, Global Womens Strike, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Global Resistance Network, Women in Black, Riverside Area Peace and Justice Action, Cafe Intifada, The WE Project, Los Angeles Palestine Labor Solidarity Committee, Los Angeles Latino Muslim Association, International Socialist Organization, Radical Women, Bolivarian Circle of Los Angeles “Ezequiel Zamora,” Musicians for Truth and Justice, Progressive Iranians for Peace in Middle East, Patrick Henry Democratic Club and hundreds more.__—————————————————__A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition-LA_Act Now to Stop War and End Racism_323-464-1636_http://www.answerla.org_answerla@answerla.org_1800 Argyle Ave, #410_Los Angeles, CA 90028_Join us each Tues at 7 pm for A.N.S.W.E.R. Activists Meetings.
A.N.S.W.E.R. COALITION LA (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism)



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From my friend, Iraqi-American artist, Rheim, Alkadhi.  -Powerful images in film and word!  -Emma
Dear friends:

Just a quick email to let you know that I have a
little piece in the online magazine, ArteEast.  I hope
you will take a look:



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This Just In!!!  -A great example of guerrilla theater!  Sorry, no contact information.  It wasn’t provided in the press release, which is copied below.
-Emma Rosenthal_Cafe Intifada

<>Die In at South Station- Young Jews Denounce Israeli Attacks on Civilians!

Boston, MA – August 1, 2006 – A group of young American Jews staged a
“Die In” this morning at South Station, and on the corner of Atlantic
Avenue and Summer Street in downtown Boston to demonstrate their
opposition to recent actions by the Israeli government in Lebanon and

“We want to break the false consensus of unequivocal support for Israel
and make it known that many American Jews disagree with our
government’s support of Israeli aggression. We also want to call
attention to the human rights crisis occurring in Gaza and Lebanon,”
commented group member Matt Soycher, of Jamaica Plain. “As young
American Jews, we are outraged and frightened. Recent rallies called by
Jewish organizations in support of Israel’s attacks on Lebanon and Gaza
have not spoken for us. Now, we are speaking for ourselves.”

Participants wore black clothing with stickers that read “Not all U.S.
Jews support Israel’s actions!”   They fell to the ground in dead-like
positions among the morning commuters to re-create the devastating
effects of violent attacks on civilian populations.

Distinguishing themselves from other recent protests led by Jewish
groups in the Greater Boston region, these American Jews take the
position that Israel’s attacks on civilians, UN observers,
infrastructure, and refugees is unethical, counterproductive, and
contrary to the Jewish tradition of respect for human rights.   Since
Israeli bombing began on July 12, more than 750 Lebanese and 51
Israelis have died in the violence. Over one third of the Lebanese
casualties have been children.

Liz Jackson, of Cambridge, explained her motivation to initiate the
action, “We mourn the Israeli dead, and our thoughts are with the
people of northern Israel, Lebanon, and Gaza alike. Our concern for all
people of the region moves us to question the utility of Israel’s
horrific aggression towards its own neighbors. If Israel is willing to
kill UN observers, civilians, and especially children, how will the
violence end?”

Participants began the action at 8:00 am, on Tuesday August 1st, inside
the South Station commuter station, and ended on the corner of Atlantic
Avenue and Summer Street.

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