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CTA Peace and Justice Caucus presents
The Fourth Annual
Youth Activism Awards

Honoring Youth Groups and Individuals for their
Dedicated Commitment to Civil and Human Rights,
Peace, Social Justice, and Youth Empowerment

Saturday, April 5, 2008 4:30 – 6:00 PM
Westin Bonaventure Santa Barbara C

CTA Peace and Justice Caucus Membership Meeting
Saturday, April 5 8 AM Santa Monica A

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NO TIME TO CELEBRATE: Jews Remember the Nakba

Statement and Pledge of Action

This May, Israel will mark 60 years of statehood. In cities across the U.S. and Canada, major Jewish organizations will sponsor celebrations of “Israeli Independence Day.” Meanwhile, Palestinians around the world will mourn 60 years since the Nakba – Arabic for “catastrophe” – of 1948. Sixty years ago, Zionist militias destroyed over 500 Palestinian villages and made more than 800,000 Palestinian people refugees in order to create a Jewish state in a land where the majority was not Jewish. This does not deserve to be celebrated.

Today the Palestinian Nakba continues. In order to maintain Israel’s artificial Jewish majority, the Israeli government has continued campaigns of ongoing displacement, violence, and occupation. Inside of the 1948 borders of Israel, Palestinian citizens are denied equal rights to Jews under the law. Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem are denied access to land, water, healthcare, and other basic resources. Palestinians throughout historic Palestine experience international isolation, economic devastation aided by the erection of a 730-kilometer wall, and continued closures and invasions including the current horrific siege of Gaza. Today there are more than 6 million Palestinian refugees around the world, all of whom are denied their internationally recognized Right of Return to their homes and land. Meanwhile, we are invited to live on that same land simply because we are Jewish. We renounce this “right” to “return” given to us by Israeli law.

In addition to 60 years of occupation and dispossession, this anniversary marks decades of creative and powerful Palestinian resistance to Israel’s violence. With this statement, we support this struggle, which is so often ignored or vilified in the U.S. media.

As Jews committed to justice, we imagine an “independence” that does not depend on an ethnically or religiously exclusive state or on the displacement of indigenous people. As North American Jews, we refuse to celebrate the ongoing colonization and dispossession of Palestinian lives and communities funded by U.S. foreign aid. There has never been Jewish consensus around Israel: not in 1897, not in 1948, and not today. We reject the notion that we have been chosen to displace others. We support Palestinian people’s right to return, individually and collectively, to the homes they lost in 1948 and in the violent decades since then.

In response to these historical events and a call from Palestine to mark their significance, we refuse to celebrate “Israel 60.” We will take action to make our shared position clear and visible. In cities across the U.S. and Canada this year, we pledge to participate in and to support:

– Refusal to participate in Israeli Independence Day activities;
– Peaceful disruption of these events;
– Nakba commemoration events and actions organized by Palestinians and the Palestine solidarity movement;
– Incorporation of Nakba remembrance into our Passover seders;
– The movement for boycotts, divestment, and sanctions of Israel;
– Other efforts to challenge the perceived Zionist consensus among American Jews through education of Jewish and broader communities about the Nakba, about the colonial nature of Zionism, and about the history of Jewish dissent and Palestinian resistance.

As North American Jews, we stand together with Palestinians in mourning 60 years of al-Nakba and in honoring 60 years of vibrant resistance.


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Because April 17th, 2008 is going to be the first annual Poem In Your Pocket Day, this contest will enable ten poets to have a way to put their poetry in people’s pockets!
And it’s free to enter!
Just send in the body of an email message up to three poems of your own creation no more than 14 lines in length each by Thursday, April 3rd, 2008 to sensitive@earthlink.net .
On Thursday, April 17th, 2008, between 4 and 6pm, ten poets will be awarded 40 pocket-sized copies of one of their poems on full-color cardstock suitable for pocketing at the weekly meeting of the Pure Poetry critique workshop inside the backroom of the Santa Catalina Branch of the Pasadena Public Library on 999 E. Washington Blvd.
Winners will be notified by Thursday, April 10th, 2008.
Buena suerte,
Don Kingfisher Campbell

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Arabic to English and English to Arabic

Palestine-based native Arabic and English translators providing high-quality, accurate, timely and
ready-to-use translations to and from Arabic and English

 Service / Costs

(all costs are exclusive of VAT)    Source Language to Target Language
English to Arabic    Arabic to English
1.    Professional Basic Translation    $28.00 / 250 words    $25.00 / 250 words
2.    Additional: Specialized Translation    Add: $2.00 / 250 words    Add: $1.00 / 250 words
3.    Additional: Rush Jobs    Add: $5.00 / 250 words    Add: $3.00 / 250 words
– Rates are based on target language text counted using Microsoft Word’s Word Count utility including headers/footers.
– Rates are for source texts that are typed and final translations that are formatted as per the original and delivered in electronic format.
– Final pricing will be presented as a free, firm written quote.  A surcharge may apply to complex text/tables/charts/graphics/formatting.
– Quantity discounts will be considered per job.
– A minimum charge of $30 US Dollars applies.

∑ Annual Reports – If any single publication of your organization is worthy of translating, it is your Annual Report – an ideal entry point to foreign markets.
∑ Website Translation – For your website to work and sell in foreign markets you need to speak in their language.
∑ Translation for Marketing & PR – Ensures a consistent message – vital for multinational firms.
∑ Translation & Localization – Rely on our expertise to avoid any unintentional cross-cultural bloopers. Our expert processing of your text focuses on the contextual meaning and insures that the original message is conveyed with optimal cultural sensitivity in the translation.
∑ Translation for Government – Speaking to communities in their own language is important for local and national government.
∑ Specialized Translations
o Legal – We only use translators who have relevant legal experience in your field, whether it is contract law, employment law or any other required field.
o Medical – You need absolute accuracy for Medical Translation. Regardless of your medical field we have professional translators who will provide accurate text for your use.
o Technical – Whether it be engineering, medical or any other specialized subject, technical translation must be perfect. We use translators with a proven track record and solid technical understanding.
o Financial – World trade is developing at an alarming rate; with so much at stake, we understand when time is money and when accuracy and speed are crucial.
∑ Transcription – Ask for our per-project quote on transcription of audio and video files, available in a whole host of file formats, with customized service.


Email or fax your source document along with your name, firm, telephone, country, email address, and date/time of translation deadline to:

Tel: +970-(0)2-298-1566 _ Fax: +970-(0)2-298-1567
Email: aim.word.factory@gmail.com

All invoicing will be issued from Applied Information Management (AIM)

Client references available upon request.

Quality is always the number one thing on our customers’ mind.
This is why it’s always top on our priority list and all our work is 100% guaranteed.

AIM is a project of Sam Bahour

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Afghanistan's fiercest critic of the warlords, Malalai Joya,  returns to the US for a brief visit. She will be addressing  students and antiwar activists.

In May 2007, Joya was kicked out of Parliament for comparing  the warlords to animals in a zoo in a TV interview.  Thousands of Afghans protested across the country. Today, Joya  is still awaiting reinstatement to the Parliament.

Event details:

* Friday March 14th, 6-8 pm at Pasadena City College, R building,  Room R-122 (South side of the Quad near the center of campus).  Download the flyer here:  www.afghanwomensmission.org/Joya_visit/PCC_flyer.pdf

* Saturday March 15th, 12 noon at the major antiwar rally on the  corner of Hollywood and Vine in Los Angeles. For more information  about the march, visit www.answerla.org

In September 2005, Malalai Joya was elected to Afghanistan’s parliament  representing her native Farah province. At 27, she was one of the  country's youngest MPs. After her election, Joya became a fierce  critic of her fellow parliamentarians, telling journalists, human  rights groups and anyone who would listen that though they now wore  suits and ties, they were still the same US-sponsored, corrupt, greedy,  murdering warlords and religious fundamentalists who had contributed to  the country's ruin. Joya has survived 4 assassination attempts, and won  numerous international human rights awards. She has been profiled in an  award-winning film called Enemies of Happiness. In May 2007, she was  kicked out of Parliament for comparing the warlords to animals in a zoo  in a TV interview. Thousands of Afghans protested across the country.  Today, Joya is still awaiting reinstatement to the Parliament. 

For more information, visit www.malalaijoya.com

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Mourners stand beside the body of Salsabeel Abu Jalhoumm, a 21-month-old girl who was killed early on Sunday when an Israeli air strike hit near her home in the northern Gaza Strip, 2 March 2008. (Wissam Nassar/MaanImages) (Electronic Intifada)


Below is a concise and direct declaration that calls for holding international tribunals for those guilty of the successive campaigns of terror against the Palestinian people. It is unique in that it is the first international public effort to hold guilty Arab regimes, Palestinians, Israelis, and US officials fully responsible for the ongoing Zionist crimes. By signing this declaration and by passing it through as much as possible worldwide, where all signatories are sought and welcomed, we will be initiating the first real steps to holding war tribunals internationally. This is also a tangible step to returning Palestine to its international position as a flagship for justice and self-determination. We urge you to actively support this declaration wherever you are, on every continent. Take it to your protests, ask your organization to sign on, engage everyone about who is responsible, and help build a momentum that will go well beyond protests and temporary reactions into sustained efforts and full accountability. We look forward to forming international tribunal committees soon after. Please sign and pass it on. Time is critical!

To sign on to this declaration, please send a message to: PalTribunal@gmail.com.

“We, the undersigned individuals and organizations, regard what is taking place against the Palestinian people, particularly those of the Gaza Strip, not only as a war crime but also as a crime against humanity. While we hold the Zionist Israeli government directly responsible for these murderous campaigns, we also hold guilty Arab regimes, including the Palestinian Authority and the office of Mahmud Abbas, as accessory to these crimes in collaboration with the US administration. Through this declaration, we are taking the first steps to begin the process of holding international tribunals for all those guilty, either directly or as an accessory through their deadly silence, irrespective of who they are. The unbelievable and seemingly unending suffering of the Palestinian people requires that those responsible are forthwith brought to justice under international criminal law.”

To sign on to this declaration, please send a message to: PalTribunal@gmail.com. Signatories and updates will be sent out periodically.
The Free Palestine Alliance,

More on Gaza:

<>Gaza: The Holocaust, The Holocaust:  http://palestinechronicle.com/view_article_details.php?id=13560

slide show:


Four Children Die in Gaza Attacks


[WIB-LA] Gaza & Sderot residents have joint blog


Israel minister threatens “holocaust” in Occupied Gaza


Joint Arab and Jewish Protest Against Gaza Killings


“The bodies of the children of Gaza are no defense for Sderot!”   From Gush Shalom http://zope.gush-shalom.org/home/en/galleries/

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Grassroots International

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Gazan families are suffering but help is on the way. Although the situation in Gaza continues to deteriorate, we are excited about a new program from our partner, the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee (PARC).  Despite the catastrophic conditions, Grassroots International’s partner, PARC, is in a position to provide immediate relief but your donation is needed to fund this innovative farmer to family relief program.

Your contribution will allow PARC to:

  • Support besieged farmers through marketing their products at fair prices.
  • Assist productive women in women cooperatives through marketing their products at fair prices
  • Provide fresh and processed agricultural foodstuffs to hungry households vulnerable to food insecurity.
  • Invigorate agricultural cooperatives
  • Create job opportunities for unemployed people.

PARC’s Beseiged Farmers to Beseiged Families Program will provide Palestinians with urgently needed substantive assistance. Please donate to Grassroots’ Gazan Farmers to Families Fund today.

In solidarity,

Nikhil Aziz

Grassroots International works to create a just and sustainable world
by building alliances with progressive movements.

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So Cal Poets,
The PURE POETRY critique workshop meets every Thursday afternoon from 4 to 6pm inside the backroom of the Santa Catalina Branch of the Pasadena Public Library on 999 E. Washington Blvd.  Bring 10 copies of a poem-in-process for thorough and friendly critique. Organized by Don Kingfisher Campbell.  FREE.  FMI Email: sensitive@earthlink.net 
The EMERGING URBAN POETS writing and critique workshop meets every Saturday afternoon from 2 to 4pm inside the backroom of the Santa Catalina Branch of the Pasadena Public Library on 999 E. Washington Blvd.  2 to 3pm writing, 3 to 4pm critique. Some field trips. Organized by Don Kingfisher Campbell.  FREE.  Email: emergingurbanpoets@earthlink.net  Website: http://home.earthlink.net/~emergingurbanpoets
PLEASE NOTE: After this Saturday’s meeting I will be driving to Highland Park to see our fellow compatriot Toti O’Brien’s paintings at the Avenue 50 Studio.  There will be a reception for her there at 7pm.  If you’d like to join me beforehand, I’ll be getting something inexpensive to eat around 5pm at the Cinnamon Vegetarian on 5511 N. Figueroa. 
Hope to see you there,
Don Campbell serves on the Advisory Board of ¡Cafe Intifada!

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