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We are very excited to announce that we are now a project of The WE Empowerment Center, a new 501c3 organization dedicated to smaller community organizing and creative efforts. When our former financial receiver went under due to the mismanagement and misappropriation of funds, we lost our non-profit status. The larger IHC projects quickly found financial receivers, but smaller projects like our own had no where to go…

Until The WE Empowerment Project was formed, specifically in response to the experience of many of the smaller IHC projects.

So, WE’RE BACK! And planning a few programs and events.

Future events to look forward to is a film series– Occupation 101, a look at colonization and the geography and anatomy of imperialism and conquest.

and we never quite left, though our blog posts became less frequent, we were more prominent in our facebook page, providing information, cultural and social and political updates, so continue to follow us on line.

And if you really love us, consider supporting our work. We’ve made it through quite a bit, from blacklisting, death threats and police raids, and the fall of the IHC, we’re still here.

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