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sticker that says "danger, Bart police might kill you...."

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ILLEGAL Racially Biased Policing,  and the Johannes Mehserle Verdict

By Mesha Monge-Irizarry
oscar grant "i am oscar grant and my life matters."I just watched the Channel 2 coverage of the verdict…

The Justice4OscarGrant supporters, family and friends are watching anxiously the many helicopters hovering around the crowd after the verdict outside the courtroom.

Oscar’s Mom did not at first made a public statement, obviously devastated. Then later spoke: “DO NOT GIVE UP” was the essence….

Oscar’s uncle was so eloquent, and made it clear that while protesters are responsible for their course of action, they are a non violent family and movement.

Chris Mohammed of NOI made a long statement about travesty of Justice, and calls for the feds to step up to the plate.

17 uniformed cops, 5 cops in civilian clothing , AND the sheriff dept.
Unprecedented law enforcement presence in the court room in the History of US.

Oaktown Mayor Ron Dellum does a puff piece for Channel 2, talking about community inappropriate responses, while contending that “Racism is a reality in America”

Mehserle, under Involuntary Manslaughter verdict, on August 6 2010 can serve 2 to 4 yrs, and under Gun Enhancement law could be sentenced to up to 12 yrs.

Or walk out on probation, and eventually be rehired out of county by another police department.

A white juror is seen by the reporter “weeping” while the verdict is read…. the others display NO emotion, according to the reporter.

Our crisis line at Idriss Stelley Foundation has been ringing off the hook
since 4:05 PM. Fear, outrage and anxiety being the essence, and a few Mehserle supporters.

We know, as Ocar’s uncle pointed out, that law enforcement may infiltrate the uprising of extreme disappointment and outrage about the “compromised verdict”, to swell the rank of “agitators” to justify criminalization and violence perpetrated against our Poor, Black and Brown communities in Oakland and across the nation.

Stay Safe, United and Strong, People !
In Unity & Respect

mesha, Idriss Stelley Foundation director
moderator ot this “Justice4Oscar_grant” yahoogroup

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